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We do more than just web design in Santa Maria, Ca. Whether you’ve been lagging behind the advancements of the day or you’re finding it hard to keep up with the constant motion of the web.

Having the right professionals by your side who know how to navigate the pitfalls, and bring you to that level of success you’re looking for can be invaluable.

Website Design

Imagine a website that knows where your customer is viewing from and adjusts accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

Often heard of, and seldom understood, Search Engine Optimization is everywhere.

Lead Generation

The best leads drive your business, and when doing any form of sales, the old foot in the door will always reign supreme.

Digital Marketing

Getting down to the brass tacks of a marketing plan, you start to realize that the genius often lies in the simplicity of it.

On-Page Optimization

Refers to the actual written content of a web page, and should be substantive in offering visitors valuable information.

Social Media Marketing

We bring you a social media marketing platform that has an established goal and means to achieve it.

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We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Your website is an investment and should provide a good ROI.

Beautiful website design is a piece of art. But let’s face it, you are not interested in purchasing art.

You are looking for results in the form of returns on your investment and increased customer satisfaction.

We have built a 4 page website that has ranked higher in searches than a 40 page website.

Although we typically recommend a minimum of 10 pages depending on what kind of niche business your in and what you will use the website for.

I want to solve your problem and fulfill your need, if it looks good as well, even better.


Our dedicated staff is full of experienced professionals with a wide range of services across the digital marketing platform. To ensure that when you call upon us for assistance, that you get the best possible help for you local business.

Looking to take your business to the next level?
Choosing a next level service is the best means of attaining that goal.

Need a website, ad campaign, professional SEO services, or anything else of the digital marketing nature?
Picking up the phone and calling us is the best place to start!!

We are standing by and waiting to bring you the realization of what your business is capable of in the right hands!

Rozek Media has been proud to assist business across the Central Coast and beyond, to ensure that we bring our specialized services where they’re needed.

Bring Your Business Online

The great thing about our website design in Santa Maria is that we know how to get you phone calls so you can convert them into paying customers. As a local service business owner, I know what works and what doesn’t, no matter what niche of industry you are in.

Digital Real Estate

Think of your website like digital real estate, because that’s what it is!

Your website is where clients will find you, like a storefront, and visit your business. The better the foot traffic (website traffic), the better the odds of customers spending money at your business.

That’s what we do online for you. It’s like having a virtual storefront on the internet. Most of the phone books are going away fast, Hibu is the latest, so if your not already dominating online, this is the time! In the next few years print ads will be gone just like CD’s.

Local lead generation is crucial to any business. That is why the first step is to setup a Google My Business (GMB) listing so that potential customers can find you on Google maps which also helps you rank higher in searches.

This combined with good website SEO, is a lethal combo. Sometimes you will even be listed several times on page #1 of Google.